Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hello again!

Well it has been forever since i have updated this blog, but i never forget about my love for all things 50s, so here are some updates for you fellow 50s vintage lovers out there! First off, i finally released a new outfit at The Dollhouse, after months & months of being caught up with RL things. Inspired by one of my favorite TV characters, the dress is called "Vicky" and comes in 4 packs of various styles including dots, florals and 8 vintage colors to choose from.

In other SL 50s news, one of the major recent events took place on August 23 ~ my lovie pie Dita Lamour's grand re-opening of her fabulous shop Knockerz! We spent about 6 months creating her awesome new mesh shop in a more retrotastic style that i thought would do her creatively delicious work more justice. Be sure to stop by her lovely place, do some shopping and peep out the adorable little 50s style town she has setup outside of the shop!

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