Falling for 50s Sale!

Falling for 50s Fall Cart Sale 2013!

Hey all you vintage lovers out there! Join us at Dolphin Bay 1950s Family Town for our first Fall Cart Sale, 1950s style! Read below for more information and to apply, hope to see you there!

When? November 16 - 23

Where? Dolphin Bay 1950s Family Town (Green Pastures)

What? All of your best and favorite 1950s items ~ anything from fashion to home & garden, family RP, poses, textures & more!

The Rules: 

~ 200L per cart - or - 10% split profit option 
~ 12 prims each, excluding 1 prim logo & exclusive item vendor
~ Please have 1 exclusive item for sale at 100L or less and has to be something new (can be a pre-existing creation in a new texture, version or color). 
~ The rest of the items can be regular products from your store. 
~ To save lag issues, please no other vendors aside from the Exclusives, and the only other script you are allowed on your cart is a LM giver in your logo sign.
~ All items in this sale *Must* be 1950s, originally created & designed by you, and for all eyes (No adult content). 
~ Your items do not have to be fall themed, but that is certainly welcome! Please no Christmas items yet!
~ Please contact irrie Ember in world for a group invite in order to stay informed on updates and changes

Thank you for your interest! The application will be up shortly, so please check back! :-) 

Apply Now! (Accepting applications until carts are full!)


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